Step 1.


The very first step any business should take is to lock in a domain name. In today's business environment without question the most important step to take to protect your future is to secure your domain name. We give you two of the best. 


By the way, the site you just left to get to here was built in and this page was built on This site is our web site.
If your cheap this is for you, seriously. This is the most basic, fastest learning and cheapest website builder on the planet is famous for their super bowl adds and sexy clips. To us we know godaddy as the first registrar to make domain names cheap. 


You should use godaddy if you are in a big hurry, cheap and need a very basic web site. More specifically if your web site needs limited interaction and tools. If all you need is a page to post some pictures of what you offer, a contact page for customers to fill out a form to get in touch with you and a youtube video then this is all you need. The most amazing part is if thats all you need, you get that all for free when you register your domain name with godaddy.


You should know upfront that we love godaddy for basic sites that require no functionality outside the basics, with ecommerce being considered basic. Our issue with godaddy is lack of third party add ons i.e. Apps. 


Use go daddy if:

  • you are cheap

  • not 100% certain of the direction you want to go

  • You need basic function

  • You want basic function w. fast loading sites


Godaddy would be perfect if:

  • If they had more apps to add to the functionality of your sites

  • If you could export your code when your ready for the next level and you out grow godaddy.
If you need more than the basics and want functions.. such as hotel booking systems, surveys, comparison charts... you name it they have it.

In our opinion this is by far the best template turn key web design service around. Even better is the pricing options, you can start small and increase your web site and budget as you go. But I should tell you we are not cheap people, we want to learn and keep learning more about the web and how to leverage it to make money and achieve our goals. Spending $50 a month with a bunch of ungrades to us is worth it.


We will tell you right up front our biggest issue with is that fact that their server speed (site load times) are slower then and you can NOT upgrade to make faster.


If you use their templates program that come with a small fee your domain name is free.


Perfect for end users that understand how to use excel, word and other programs office programs such as powerpoint.  While these programs mentioned are not built into the platform, the user interface is similar to these programs and a basic user of office products will find Wix very user friendly. 


When thinking about wix also think Apps, just like you smart phone, as tons of thrid party developers, developing apps for you to use. Most of these apps can be used for free with basic functions and more advance functions come with a monthly fee. In fact the comparision chart below was built with a wix app.


Use Wix if:

  • If what you want requires more functionality than the basics


  • If you need functionality over speed


  • If you're willing to spend more money to get what you want


  • If your looking to learn how to really build a great site and you will take the time to watch videos and pay attention


Wix would be perfect if:

  • You could upgrade your server preformance to speed up you site as you grew


  • If you could export your code when your ready for even more power and you learn more complicated coding and/or want to hand off to a third party to take to the next level. i.e. Hosing on servers/cloud.


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