Step 2.


Once you have/own your domain name the very next step any business should take is to lock in their social sites addresses. Yes you can and should actual claim your twitter, facebook and piterest URL's (plus other socail sites). In today's business environment without question the seond most important step to take to protect your future is to secure your  This is time consuming and requires an effort far greater then just registering a domain name.


We are starting with 





Facebook is indexed by search engines quicker than most websites and therefore your fan page could appear in the search results quicker than your website


You can actual have a address, like your domain name facebook will hold a destination just for you to use and market to send your customers to. The sooner you set up you facebook page the sooner you can request and lock in your name (user name) which will be for example there is a condition in getting your unque name.


  • Once your Page has reached 25 “likes” you are able to claim your own unique Facebook URL. 


When you first set up a Page for your business, Facebook gives you a url that looks something like this…..


That is useless. What you need to do as soon as you have your page, you need to email that long ass link to all your friends and get 25 of them to like your facebook page. This is a 911.


As soon as you have 25 likes, go and see if you can get your name.


(Feeling studious and what to read more details about the above click here: CLICK ME)

Why Facebook?

 In all of our experiences facebook is by far the easiest resource/tool to generate leads and market your business. The tools in facebook are so easy to use when it comes to marketing its insane. As we put it "insanely easy to use." If you follow this step and allow us to guide you on what to do, you will be amazed and understand why wall street LOVES this company. We will cover "marketing using facebook" in step 3. For now, get your facebook page set up and claim your URL/URL.

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