When you know your “what” the “how” doesn't matter

October 1, 2014

By, Edward P. Foy, Jr. AKA Buddy, Jr.


Over the years I have had a tough time answering the question I so often get asked,”How did you do it, how did you take that leap of faith and start your own business?” I have not worked for anyone but myself since I was 28 years old and I really never understood that question, isn't it a no brainer?


I never understood the question or how to answer it until I was blessed to attend a speaking event at my monthly Vistage meeting a couple years back. The speaker changed the way I communicate and look at the world, not just the world of entrepreneurship but the world I live in, in my head. The speaker justified my very existence. 


The morning of the speaker went somthing like this:


I arrived excited and open minded, I sit in my seat sipping my coffee and eating the crap that we eat at all day off sites, I look around the room and say hello to my fellow vistage members while we all anticipate our speaker. Then out walks this man with the energy that lifts a room, turns to us and we are all wide eyed. For the next three hours we would cry, laugh and mediate over the speakers presentation and life story. When I say cry, I mean grown men and woman with full blown tears. This speaker was different from anyother speaker we have ever had, and we had good speakers; I had no idea that three years later this particular speaker would have such a long lasting impression on me. I had no idea that this speaker would set me on a path of guiding myself & others with his message;


“When you know your what the how doesn't matter.”

~Motivational Speaker, John O’Leary



I knew this “WHAT and HOW” my whole life, I lived this my whole life, I just didn't know how to explain it. up until the day of this speaking event, I found myself constantly defending myself about my visions. This John O’Leray changed all that. You see its simple, follow me here…. The difference between those that jump off the cliff of everyday “safe career life” and enter the world of entrepreneurship, its their WHAT. They know WHAT they want out of life, they can't get WHAT they want and believe to be reality out of their head. This is the big part, once they have this WHAT they don't get stuck in the “how do i do it?” Those that have ideas and never execute them by default never become entrepreneurs. They get so caught in “but how do I do this, how do I do that, how will I be successful? How...How...How…? Entrepreneurs don't care about HOW, they don't care about HOW hard they have to work or HOW they are going to get clients or HOW they will find manufacturers to produce what product they visioned or HOW they will get vacation days. True Entrepreneurs, the ones that take the leap understand the concept of “When you know your WHAT the HOW doesn't matter.” So now when I get asked that question how did you do it, how did you take that leap of faith and start your own business and how do you do it over and over?” I simple reply, “I live in a WHAT world not a HOW world.” It is that simple. What’s your WHAT?

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