When you know your “what” the “how” doesn't matter

October 1, 2014

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 5% chance of achieving success and 100% chance of achieving exhaustion.

     -------Inc. Mag, Oct. 2013-------





Passion. A feeling of unusual excitement, enthusiasm or compelling emotion towards a vision or goal.


Entrepreneurship: 1/2 Passion. 1/2 insanity.


Most people just dream of being an entrepreneur…


For the very few that take the leap, they join a club of the unknown. A wild roller coaster ride of an unpredictable future. Now you can't tell us failure is likely, for all we entrepreneurs see is success. We see the what and why as clear as day. As to the how, we don't need to see the exact path. It doesn't matter how hard we need to work to achieve our vision. The how just doesn't matter when you know your what and why.


Broadway7. We are entrepreneurs that have been there and survived to tell the tale. We had major milestones that we celebrated quickly and failures that stung so bad we didn't think we could get back up. We are members of a club that put it all on the line and risked everything to achieve our burning desires.



We know you, we are you. We have been on the rollercoaster ride and we lived to tell the story. More importantly, we live to help you on your journey, to achieve your burning desire and meet your definition of success.



Remember the days when you had a coach and teammates who understood you because they were on the same playing field?


We coach entrepreneurs that are at the crossroads or just need that one breakthrough event.



We work with clients who are referred through our network of professionals with everyday challenges we entrepreneurs face.



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